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ICYMI: Top Indie Game Picks From PAX West 2016

on Mon, Sep 19, 2016 | By Chris Lessard

Overall this PAX was a blast, with AAA titles showing their stuff, VR making an impact, and indie titles holding their own, PAX 2016  was for the masses. I do have to say, the indie games were AMAZING this year. Up on the 6th floor the PAX 10 showed why they were chosen. Here are my favorites: 1979 Revolution – iNK Studios From iNK’s website “The year is 1978, the...

Lessons From PAX Dev: Know your Target Audience

on Thu, Sep 8, 2016 | By Chris Lessard

I was lucky enough to take part in PAX Dev this year and learned a multitude of great information. Since it is considered a “Black Box” event, meaning no pictures, tweets, or posts about the talks I am unable to use any direct resources (outside of what was verbally given the OK). However, after this great educational experience, I feel I can personally dole out some advice...

GUNNAR MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses Review

gunnar mlg
on Mon, Aug 8, 2016 | By HB Duran

My computer and I have an understanding—as long as I devote all my time staring into its digital face, scribbling with a stylus and clacking its keys like a crazed secretary, I get to eat and pay rent. (Seems legit) After 12 or so hours of writing, gaming and art, however, my eyes can really take a beating. That being said, I NEVER work without my GUNNAR glasses. GUNNAR...

Disney Emoji Blitz Review (Android)

on Thu, Jul 21, 2016 | By HB Duran

Disney Emoji Blitz is a fun little time-waster and brings back great memories of visiting the parks. If you’re in the market for some no-pressure, match-3 fun on your mobile device and some (sort of) free Disney-themed emojis, this game is for you. Visuals – 5/5 This brightly-colored gem is filled with a plethora of Disney and Disney-owned characters and themes,...


SDCC giveaway
on Wed, Jul 20, 2016 | By HB Duran

Are you at San Diego Comic Con? Are you in San Diego but don’t have a ticket? Well, GUNNAR Optiks is here to dry those tears, or at least cover them up, with some rad gear! The best part is, you don’t need a ticket to SDCC – you just have to lurk around the building. GUNNAR, fine fighters of eye strain will be giving out 9 amazing prize packages to 9 lucky...