[RUMOR] Legend of Zelda Netflix Series In Development

Posted on by HB Duran

You read that right, Nintendo fans; an inside source has revealed that Netflix is developing a live-action Legend of Zelda series.

The source of this information describes the series as “Game of Thrones but for a family audience.” In other words, the Legend of Zelda Netflix series would contain kid-friendly sword fights and use of magic; fantasy stories told with lots of bright colors.

It’s no secret that Nintendo doesn’t often license its franchises; the last time being the notoriously bad Super Mario Brothers of 1993 and prior to that a Legend of Zelda animated series that ran for just one season in 1987. (But hey, kids, who else can still sing the animated Super Mario Brothers theme? NIN-TEN-DO!)

Imagine this, but all real 'n stuff.

Imagine this, but all real ‘n stuff.

Although Netflix is apparently still looking for a writer, the pitch must have been pretty good for Nintendo to get back on the live-action band wagon.

Both Nintendo and Netflix refused comment, but fans everywhere will be anxiously awaiting its announcement, perhaps at this years’ E3 press conference – or waiting forever, if they scrap the project altogether. These things happen.

Who would you cast in the Legend of Zelda Netflix series? Leave your comments below!


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