Ask A Dev: Video Game Jobs You Never Considered

Posted on by HB Duran

Whenever people find out I work in games, I get this question:

“I want to make games but I can’t draw or program. What can I do?”

Good news, there’s a lot you can do, actually. Here are some video game jobs you probably never thought of that are just as important as the jobs you don’t qualify for:

Video Game Journalist

newsreporter02Although I’ve also dabbled in game development, my main entry into the video games industry was through what gamers do best – talk about games!

These days, you can start your own blog for free (that’s what I did) and get lots of practice without any pressure. Observe what the professionals do on your favorite sites and improve your writing as you go.  Write as often as you can and about a variety of subjects. From there, you can apply to write for a video game website, like this one. (Ahemm, like THIS ONE.)

Game journalism is a video game job that may not pay much if anything in actual money, but the perks can be insane. Press passes mean free access to expensive and exclusive expos, you can play games before the public, get review models of peripherals and accessories for free…it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!

My favorite part is being able to approach video game developers as a fellow professional and not just a fan who wants a picture. (Although depending on the developer, you may have your conversation interrupted to take pictures with people, ha ha. True story.)

Public Relations (PR)

If you like to write about games but not necessarily from a reporter’s point of view, why not help spread the good word of what’s to come?

A public relations manager usually requires a college degree, but being able to network and use social media effectively are a huge advantage over a fancy piece of paper alone.

Calculator by adamr


So you’re good with budgets, eh? All games have them, and aren’t supposed to go over them. (Although they often do.) If you’re talented with figures and want to get into video games, you could be greatly appreciated in the finance office of a video game developer.

Some other jobs you may be interested in:

  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance (video game tester)
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Community Management
  • Street team – contact your favorite indie studio to see if they need volunteers for events. It’s great experience and they often need help!

PRO TIP: Attend your local chapter meeting of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) – it’s free and the perfect way to meet developers in your area.

These are just many video game jobs you probably never thought of. Always keep improving your skills and go for it!


HB Duran

VGNS Founder, HB Duran is a gamer, artist, musician and occasional game dev. From early forays into all-night NES sessions, her career has blossomed into working as a game industry journalist, artist, QA tester and consultant. “HB” plays a variety of game genres and platforms, but is best known for her love of Silent Hill.

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