$50 Steam Link Streams PC Games Anywhere In The Home

Posted on by Jackie Mueller

Hot on the heels of Valve’s VR headset and Source Engine 2 announcements at GDC comes another interesting gadget, dubbed Steam Link.  This $50 box has the ability to stream content from any Windows, Mac or Linux PC on the same home network at 60fps with 1080p resolution. The release date for Steam Link is set for November of this year, and the previously announced Steam Controller will launch alongside it for an additional $49.99.

This little gadget streams PC games anywhere in the house

This little gadget streams PC games anywhere in the house

In-home streaming is a feature already available to Steam users, but it requires additional PC’s to be set up around the house. That’s great if you’ve got the extra hardware lying around, but for many gamers that additional cost can be hard to swallow after plunking down cash for a gaming rig.  Steam Link takes advantage of the PC processing power you already have and adds the ability to play games from anywhere in the house – no other hardware required. It’s a cheaper and simpler solution than hooking up a full-fledged PC (or even a Steam Machine) in a different room.

A Steam store page listing (complete with photos) for the streaming box was live for a brief period of time, but it has since been taken down.  The device looks to be very compact with a sleek, simple design that can be easily tucked away.  There are three USB ports along with Ethernet, HDMI and power.  Check it out!

What are your thoughts on Steam Link?  Will it help bring more PC games into the living room?  Let us know in the comments!



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