Xbox One May System Update Rolls Out

Posted on by Jackie Mueller

A new set of fixes has rolled out in the latest Xbox One System Update.  Remember that the Xbox team relies heavily on feedback from users to help shape these updates, so be sure to make your voice heard!

Here’s a rundown of all the latest features added to the Xbox One:

First up is the addition of voice messaging, something that has been at the top of many fans’ wish lists for a while. After the update, you’ll be able to record audio to send to your friends or other users through the snapped messages app. All you have to do to access it is double tap the Xbox button on the controller. Sweet!

And Xbox 360 users aren’t left out either, because voice messages can be exchanged between Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Kudos to Microsoft for not forgetting about the many Xbox 360 users out there!

Another major fix is the continued rollout of dedicated servers for party chat. Many Xbox One users have had problems connecting to party chat, and dedicated chat relay servers have been enabled to combat the issue. It has already been implemented for Xbox One preview members but is now expanding to a wider user base. Microsoft says they “continue to fine tune the feature and scale out the servers needed to support party chat relay services”, so hopefully party chat problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Next up is a cool feature for Smartglass app users. Smartglass is being updated and will let you power your Xbox One on and off when your devices are on the same home network as your console. Pretty nifty!

And last but not least for the May update is User Selectable Power Mode. This changes the initial setup process just a bit by allowing you to select your preferred power settings. Instant-on mode enables you to use the “Xbox on” voice command if you have a Kinect. You’ll also receive background updates to the console, games and apps. Energy-saving mode is a low power state that requires you to press the Xbox button on your console to start it up.

What do you think of the latest updates to Xbox One? What other features would you like to see? Sound off in the comments!

Jackie Mueller

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