Monstrum Takes the Dive With an Official Release Date

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Team JunkfishIf you’re on the lookout for horror games in 2015, make sure Monstrum is on your list. Currently in Early Access on Steam, this labyrinthian title from Team Junkfish is ready for its grand debut on May 20th, 2015.

A survival horror mash-up of procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators, you’re not safe anywhere in the halls of Monstrum. A terror is stalking you within a ship that changes shape each playthrough and the only way to win is to outsmart or outrun the monstrous opponent. Search for methods of escape and the tools needed to complete them. The anxiety is real and death is permanent.

There are currently three unique monsters in the game, with each having its own behaviors and tactics. The fight or flight response you choose once may not work the next time, offering up a challenge for even the most hardcore survival horror fans. With even the early access reviews turning up positive, we think Monstrum will be a genre hit.

“We’re really excited to be launching Monstrum fully next week! It’s been a lot of hard sailing from the initial Early Access release in January until this point, so we’re delighted to navigate our way here,” Director Jaime Cross stated in a press release. “I’m all out of bad puns, but it’s been genuinely amazing to see all these people playing Monstrum so far, how they take to it, and making it better thanks to their input. Watching videos and seeing fanart from people all across the world has really made the whole thing worthwhile, so we hope that they like the new additions we’re adding into the final version.”

You can still grab Monstrum at its Early Access discount price of $14.99 but on release day, May 20th, the price will rise to $17.99. Available on Windows from Steam, the Humble Store, Green Man Gaming, and more, the game will soon see ports to Mac, Linux, and Oculus.

Do you think you can handle the ever-changing labyrinth ship in Monstrum? Visit for more deep sea details.

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