SMITE Enters Xbox One Closed Beta

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SMITE, the action-MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios, has officially entered closed beta for Xbox One, making it the first MOBA available on the console. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE gives you access to pantheons of gods, letting you take control of such familiar faces as Thor and Zeus. The game has been in alpha on Xbox One since March, and is scheduled for a full launch later this year. SMITE has already become wildly popular in the PC gaming world, and is now extending its reach to those players dedicated to the console experience. Those who grab the game on Xbox One will also be getting a chance at exclusive content unavailable to PC players, including several exclusive skins already up for grabs.


For those players who straddle both the console and PC gaming worlds, Hi-Rez is offering the opportunity for a one-time account merge, letting you bring select progress and items over from your PC account. Those who decide to take them up on this offer will score the exclusive Zeus Xbox skin for the effort, and will even get to use it on both platforms. They are also reviving a special offer from the beta phase of the PC version, a deal that no serious gamer should look past.


The Founders Pack bring back the idea of the Ultimate God Pack from the PC beta phase, but they even sweeten the deal. With a price tag just shy of $30, the Founders Pack guarantees access to the closed beta, unlocks every current (and future) god in the game, nets you 400 gems (in-game currency), and gets you the exclusive Ares “Soldier of War” and Ymir “Cacodemon X” skins. Founders Packs will be discontinued upon the full launch of the game, so if you want it, go get it!


Check out the beta trailer below, get your Founders Pack, and then get ready to enter the battleground of the gods!

[embed width=”560″ height=”315″][/embed]

For more info on the Founders Pack/Account Merge, check out the official FAQ. Wondering how the Xbox One and PC versions compare, or just want more info on the Xbox One version? Head over here to see what Hi-Rez has to say. And of course, don’t forget to head over and grab your Founders Pack or opt in for a chance to join the beta!

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