Interview: Alane Adams Inspires Kids to Read with BattleKasters

Posted on by HB Duran

Alane_Adams_2_miniAlane Adams is a bright and empowered woman with big ideas and many stories to tell. One such story, The Legends of Orkney is promoting literacy by drawing players into a magical world through a mobile game. This mobile game, BattleKasters captured the imagination of many at Denver Comic Con (myself included) and we can’t wait to see more.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Alane, where her infectious energy spread to adults and children alike.

My colleagues and I couldn’t help but join in her excitement as the debut of BattleKasters proved to be a huge success. With entire families joining in the game and her book, The Red Sun flying off the shelves (well out of the booth, anyway), it’s always inspiring to meet someone with such conviction and energy! (You can pre-order the book HERE.)

Here’s our exclusive interview with Alane Adams, who gave us some insight into how BattleKasters came about:

Alane is joined by game studio, Artifact Technologies who is led by veteran writer/developer, Brent Friedman (Halo 4, Tales From the Borderlands). They created an entire platform on which the game is played, which is revolutionizing the live beta testing process.

Read our Hands-On Review of BattleKasters HERE and check out to learn more about this remarkable author and her literacy efforts!

HB Duran

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