Face Norwegian Trolls in New Demo of Through the Woods

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Third-person psychological horror game Through the Woods is in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, halfway to its goal with 10 days to go. Norwegian indie studio Antagonist promises a story-driven experience that doesn’t lean primarily on jump scares to frighten the audience.

While the announcement trailer gives a tantalizing glimpse at the world you’ll be playing in, there’s a demo available for those daring enough to face it.

Combining Norse mythology with the overall style of a Japanese horror game, Through the Woods puts players in the shoes of a young mother searching the forested western coast of Norway for her son. Karen, the mother, is currently being interrogated over the incident while you, the player, are acting out the events from her past as she describes them. With no information visible on the screen, Karen’s accounts and a core gameplay audio mechanic are the only guiding forces for the player.

Through the Woods

Of course this lonesome Norwegian area isn’t completely devoid of life. Armed with only a flashlight, you’ll encounter ominous forests, long-forgotten cabins, deep, dark caverns…oh and TROLLS. Big, ugly trolls. Scout the demo for runes based on a real Scandinavian runic alphabet to decipher hints about some of the abominations you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Each creature in the game has its own theme music, tipping you off when one of the horrors is nearby and aiding in your decision as how to handle each unique situation.

Through the Woods

The demo is currently available for Mac, PC, and Linux from the Through the Woods Kickstarter page. Donate now to help Antagonist reach their goal and earn special rewards by doing so.

Visit the official site or stay tuned here for continual updates! We’re ready to face the many Norwegian mythological creatures in Through the Woods, are you?

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