Celebrate Jurassic ARK Week with New Content and Contests

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Now the fastest growing Early Access game on Steam, ARK: Survival Evolved has reached 450,000 units sold and 6.5 million hours of game time! To celebrate the success, developer Studio Wildcard announced “Jurassic ARK Week” with new content, events, and contests. Festivities are set to coincide with the release of Jurassic World this Friday, when the epic Spinosaurus will make its debut in game.

ARK: SurvivalEvolved

The activities begin with the daily screen shot contest. Each day three winners will be chosen with the best in-game screenshots reflecting the day’s theme. These winners will receive a $100, $50, or $25 Fandango e-card. Entries can be sent to contests@studiowildcard.com and winners will be announced on the ARK Steam Forums at 5pm EST every day.

Here are the daily themes for the rest of the contest:

Thursday: “Coolest Tribe” – Pose with your tribe, show off your creativity!

Friday: “Most Epic Environmental Shot” – Find your favorite area in the amazing environment of ARK!

Saturday: “Official Server Broodmother Trophy Shot” – Obtain a conquering shot of the Broodmother Lysrix (with Pause Menu to confirm official server)!

Sunday: “Tamed Creature Collection” – Line up all of your tamed creatures and show off your diverse collection!

Bonus Entry: Every day a player-created Jurassic ARK meme will be promoted in the Steam community forum and released from @survivetheark.

ARK: Survival Evolved Spinosaurus

If the contest wasn’t fun enough, loads of new content is headed your way! Limited edition Jurassic ARK cosmetic item skins can be found, including Nerdry’s Glasses (found in dead Dilophosaurus inventories) and a Baby T-Rex Bone Helmet (found in dead T-Rex inventories). The gigantic Spinosaurus terrorizes lakes and waterways as an all-terrain mount this week, too!

Tribe governance features emerge, allowing players to decide whether their group will act as a communal or capitalist society, or maybe something in between. New structures are added – a metallic spike blockade for stopping dino attacks and a food storage bin to prolong the life of your meals.

A cool new feature is the ability of flying dinosaurs to actually carry other dinosaurs, not just humans! Imagine dropping a load of horrific creatures on your enemies from the safety of your high flyer! It’s no doubt and exciting week for ARK players!

Head over to the ARK: Survival Evolved Steam page to join in on all the fun and check back to Video Game News Source for continuing updates! Enjoy Jurassic ARK Week!

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