The Legend of Legacy Coming This Fall

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s1_02Atlus and Furyu have proudly announced The Legend of Legacy, a unique 3DS title set to launch in the Americas this coming fall! The game launched in Japan in January, selling more than 50,000 copies in the first week, and the American release of the game will feature gameplay tweaks based on fan feedback. There is no shortage of powerhouse development behind this title, featuring character designer Tomomi Kobayashi of the SaGa series, renowned composer Masashi Hamauzu of Final Fantasy XIII and the SaGa series, writer Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger fame, game designer Kyoji Koizumi of the SaGa series, and Matasaka Matsuura from 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. This remarkable team is bringing an open-world edge to the traditional RPG format, softening the linearity of the storyline and giving players a chance to explore and discover the events on their own.


Players will be tasked with adventuring to uncover the secrets behind the island of Avalon, a mysterious land just waking from a period of slumber. With a choice of seven different characters, each with a unique view on the events of the story, players get the opportunity to uncover different endings and different journeys within the same world. After completing the game with one character, New Game Plus offers the chance to replay the game with a new character for a fresh perspective. Each of the seven characters also has their own distinct style of fighting, making use of different weapons, skills, and spells to take down enemies.

With fans comparing the artwork of The Legend of Legacy to that of Bravely Default, there are high expectations for this ambitious new release. Although an official trailer for the American release has not yet been launched, check out the original Japanese trailer below for a glimpse into the land of Avalon and see what awaits you!

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Stay tuned for more coverage of this upcoming title, and keep an eye on The Legend of Legacy official site, launching soon! 

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