Allison Road Creeps in to Fill the Gap Left by P.T.

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You could hear the hearts of gamers breaking around the world when news broke that Silent Hills would no longer be happening. Gaping holes were left within our souls after experiencing P.T. and realizing there would be nothing else like it – at least until now.

Developed by U.K. studio Lilith Ltd., Allison Road hit the Steam Greenlight Community on June 2nd and was Greenlit in under 48 hours. The survival horror game has been dubbed the “spiritual successor to P.T.” and it’s easy to understand why. A recent prototype gameplay video showed us just what kind of psychological torment we’re in for in a beautifully crafted environment, developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Allison Road

Hey, um… do you need a tissue?

Taking control of an unnamed protagonist, players awake inside their home with little to no recollection of previous events. Over the course of 5 nights, the tasks involve finding your family, unraveling the house’s dark secrets, and facing off against dark entities such as Lily, the dark haired girl seen in the game’s promotions. The first person will translate amazingly (and terrifyingly) well to the Oculus Rift, if you’re daring enough to dive into VR on this one.

Although we get to see actual gameplay in the 13-minute prototype gameplay video, none of it is actually how it occurs in the game so as to eliminate spoilers. Lilith Ltd. explains that nearly all gameplay mechanics are in play, save for the missing inventory system that will be showcased down the road. Prepare yourself – this experience is a doozy and best watched with headphones!

You can subscribe to Allison Road on YouTube to catch new videos as they’re released or stay updated on the game’s Steam Greenlight page! You can be sure we’ll be following this one closely here at Video Game News Source!

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