How To: Move Steam Games To A Different Hard Drive

Posted on by Jackie Mueller

With another epic Steam summer sale in the record books, many of us have expanded our digital game libraries and hard drive space might be running low. This can be a frustrating issue, particularly for those who run games from a SSD.

Thankfully, games in your Steam library can be moved between hard drives easily and without the need to install any third-party programs.  So if your primary hard drive (usually drive C:) is filling up and you’d like to move a few game installations to a different hard drive on the same PC, follow the steps below:


Open the Steam application, click ‘Settings’, then click ‘Downloads’steam2


Click ‘Steam Library Folders’



Click ‘Add Library Folder’




Choose the letter of the drive you want to use




Click ‘New Folder’




Give the folder a name. The default is ‘SteamLibrary’.




Click ‘Select’, then ‘Close’



Congrats!  You’ve just created a second Steam library. Now it’s time to move game files to the new location.

  1. Open the Steam games directory on the C: drive (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common)
  2. Copy the folder for each game you want to move to the new Steam folder (i.e. E:\Steam\steamapps\common)
  3. Now, go back to the ‘steamapps’ directory on the C: drive (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps)
  4. Copy the ‘appmanifest’ files that match the games you’re moving to the new ‘steamapps’ directory (i.e. E:\Steam\steamapps).  You can open the files with a text editor (such as notepad) to identify which ones you need to copy.

And that’s it! Open the Steam application and play your games just like you always have. Have questions?  Hit us up in the comment section below!

Jackie Mueller

Jackie’s life changed forever when she got her first video game console, an Atari 2600. She has been gaming nonstop for three decades on both consoles and computers, and it inspired her to pursue a career in the IT field. When she’s not gaming, Jackie can usually be found shredding the trails on her mountain bike.

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