How To Hack PS Vita TV To Play More Games

Posted on by HB Duran

PlayStation-TV-FLRemember the PS Vita TV? I nearly forgot about it until today, but if you have one sitting around, this may be a good trick to make it exciting again.

According to Mr. Gas, a user on, there is a simple hack that allows your PS Vita to play more games. Essentially, you must send yourself an email message and open on the PS Vita TV.





Step 1: Prep your PS Vita TV email app

Overwrite the the email app database by using the writer.eml file. Send it yourself as an attachment then receive it on your PS Vita TV. Click on the image (don’t click the error message) and close the app.

Hackinformer user, dal3boy offers additional help:

for all who don’t know how to send eml to mail

Open writer.eml with Thunderbird
Go to Message -> Edit as new Message (Ctrl + E)
Enter your email and send to device

Also for adding attachment in email (when added right click on it and rename)

Step 2: Set up your email again

“Now the app is ready to write files,” says Mr. Gas.

Step 3: Write a file to bypass the PS Vita TV Whitelist (i.e. play more games)

so if u want to write a file all u want is to rename that file to
then attach It to the message and write the pathe you want in the subject
for example you can try writing this file to ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat to bypass the pstv whitelist

A few users have reported that the hack worked for them, unlocking a number of games and apps, including Netflix. If you want to give this PS Vita TV hack a try, follow these instructions and refer to the original post for additional information or questions!

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