Warhammer: End Times Vermintide – Meet Waywatcher Kerillian!

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Warhammer: End Times Vermintide just got a new bad ass, in the form of wood elf, Kerillian. This Waywatcher hero class is swift and deadly, sarcastic and clouded in mystery.

Per the official Waywatcher website:

Even for a Wood Elf, Kerillian’s sight was sharp, able to pick off a ladybird eating a leaf at a hundred paces if she chose to. But this gift, coupled with a natural curiosity also turned into a curse when she saw something that no mortal was meant to see. One autumnal night, when both moons rode high in the sky, Kerillian spotted a Spellsinger as he meandered under the boughs. The Elf mage was no trespasser and so there was no reason Kerillian should have kept track of him, and yet she did.

Her curiosity piqued. The Waywatcher followed the mage from above as he walked deeper into the forest… and put her on a path that would change her fate forever.

The Waywatcher weapons include:

  • Duel Elven Daggers
  • Elven Short Sword
  • Duel Elven Swords
  • Elven Dagger Sword Combo
  • Elven Bow (several variants)
    • Bodkin Arrow
    • Swiftshiver Arrow
    • Hagbane Arrow
    • Trueflight Arrow

For more details about these weapons and what they can do, you can visit the Waywatcher page! See them in action:

In Vermintide, it’s up to a team of five heroes to save the city of Ubersreik from deadly rodents of unusual size called Skaven. Other hero classes include Witch Hunter, Bright Wizard, Dwarf Ranger and Empire Soldier.

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide launches October 23, 2015 for Windows PC and Steam from Swedish developer, Fatshark and Games Workshop. The game features an epic soundtrack by award-winning composer, Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed); keep it here as new information develops and pre-order HERE! Which class would you pick?


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