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A “spectacular guide” – Official Kill Me Again Facebook Page

Kill Me Again: Infectors is a Match-3 adventure game from NHN Entertainment Pixel Cube and TOAST. The game is free to play with optional paid add-ons, but one look at the leaderboard may have you wondering – how do I score big? Although I couldn’t tell you how to hack the leaderboards (nor would I want you to), here are some Kill Me Again tips, tricks, cheats or hacks, if you will, that I have learned and also confirmed with the developer:


Higher stats win battles!

Kill Me Again cheats

Every piece of equipment you obtain or buy in Kill Me Again can be upgraded by selecting the item in your inventory, then tapping the gear icon. Select other pieces of gear or upgrade kits to increase your attack, shield or regeneration abilities. Once a piece of gear has been upgraded to level 10, it can be modded for further customization.

TIP: Receive a piece of gear you don’t want? Use them to upgrade existing equipment or harvest runes from gear level B and up, then use them to upgrade the gear you DO want!


The more you progress through the different Districts, the more Rescue Missions become available to you. Rescue Missions are a great way to earn easy RP and increase your character’s rank, not to mention prizes for repeatedly rescuing the same people!


To complete a Rescue Mission, select the character icon saying “Help!” on the bottom, left hand side of your screen. Complete each required mission listed to “collect clues,” then select Begin Rescue. You can hire mercenaries to help you rescue them faster, or pay gold bars to instantly complete the mission. TIP: Use Clear Tickets to quickly begin rescue missions!


Each day, you get 8 mercenaries to hire for missions. How much they cost depends on their level, attack power, etc. and you can add favorites, such as from your Guild.


Hiring a mercenary in Kill Me Again: Infectors can help you complete a really difficult mission, or simply to help you level up faster. “There are so many benefits,” explains NHN Entertainment’s Alex Fleming:

  • 50% bonus EXP for the mission, 50% bonus Rank Points for the mission (Rank Points will give you more Gold at the end of the week)

  • If you hire a Top Merc, they’ll save you hundreds of times during the mission since they are so much stronger.

  • And they come with a bonus block to use if you get in trouble that you can activate for a special move at any time.


A Guild can have up to 50 mercenaries, all sending you pills each day. The more pills you have, the more you can play; the more you can play, the more you can level up! At the end of every week, all Guild Members are rewarded based on the Guild’s overall rank.


Mind you, as of this posting, the Guilds in Kill Me Again: Infectors are still in Beta. All the Guilds were full, so I started my own. Contribute to the good of the Guild by playing Invasion Mode and earning Guild Points. These points level up the Guild, which results in better weekly rewards, and so on. I also like the community aspect, where you can leave each other messages or hire one another to help earn silver each day.


Remember, the object of Kill Me Again is not just to defeat all the zombies, but to inflict as much damage points as possible. To do this, you must level up your character and gear as mentioned in #1, but you must also perfect the art of chain skills.

A chain skill is accomplished by matching 2 or more color combinations at once. As you level your character up, you can unlock and upgrade different chain skills according to your character.


Chain skills increase the damage inflicted, which again, leads to more points. I will often replay early levels with slower-moving zombies to practice combinations. You will need these skills for the next tip:


Kill Me Again‘s Challenge Mode isn’t just for the Leaderboards, which is awesome for earning gold; you also earn Challenge Coins, which can be used to buy the most powerful gear in the game.

Match bullet casings by color to create powerful combos.

During Challenge Mode, different mini-challenges will appear on the screen, such as hitting or killing with a certain color or successfully executing combos. The rewards for these mini-challenges vary, but are usually for score multipliers and extra damage.


Each District boasts its own collectible set of equipment. Lovely on their own but awesome together, equipping your mercenary with an entire matching set can result in some serious fighting power! The more items in a set you have equipped, the more benefits you receive.


As always, you can purchase random set items or try to earn them in their respective District. To see which sets are available, tap the SET icon in the top right side of the District Map.

I hope these Kill Me Again: Infectors tips, tricks and hacks are helpful to you! Did I miss anything? Have another tip to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. HB Duran
    HB Duran December 30, 2015 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    A few patches ago, they reduced the amount of mercenaries from 8 to 4 that you can hire in one day; so choose them wisely!

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