Ark: Survival Evolved Introduces Penguins and Anglerfish

Posted on by Stacy Place

Studio Wildcard continues to add new creatures and content to their action-adventure title every time we turn around! Two new dinosaurs make their aquatic debut in Ark: Survival Evolved – the Kairuku Waitaki (an extinct species of penguin) and the Melanocetus Anglerpescum (a giant anglerfish).


The massive Melanocetus Anglerpescum is one of the largest forms of Anglerfish, easily spotted in the murky depths with its bio-luminescent light pod dangling off the front of its head. Typically used to attract prey, the angler’s light can also be harvested to create long-lasting fuel or used as lights inside a player’s home. The anglerfish can also be tamed and used to light up darker areas within the water for its master.

Ark: Survival Evolved AnglerFishKairuku also come in handy to players once tamed. These adorable and friendly creatures run hot, producing warmth for those who huddle around on cold, dark nights. The penguins also produce a highly sought-after blubber, used in advanced tribal manufacturing processes (although you have to club the poor things to collect it).

In addition to the new dinos, a new “Tribal Warfare Alliance” system has been put into place to encourage massive PVP confrontations rather than offline raiding. These large scale events can be scheduled during specific, agreed-upon times between two tribes on a PVE server.

New weapons have also been added to the game – a modern-tier Gatling Gun Turret and a primitive siege Catapult.

Expected to launch in June of 2016, Ark: Survival Evolved currently remains in Early Access on Steam. The game will make the jump to consoles, however, with support of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during the official release.
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