SteelSeries Siberia 200 Headphones Review

Posted on by HB Duran

The SteelSeries Siberia 200 headphones are sleek, comfortable, and sound amazing. I previously owned a pair of Siberia v2 headphones and really loved them, so when SteelSeries announced that the Siberia 200 was an upgraded version, I couldn’t wait to try them out! (The v2’s still work great, by the way, they’re currently rockin’ the raid with our resident WoW expert, Katie.)

My color of choice: Alchemy Gold

My color of choice: Alchemy Gold

Siberia 200 Specs:

  • 50mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Headphone Frequency Response: 10-28000 Hz
  • Headphone Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 50-16000 Hz
  • Microphone Pickup Pattern: Unidirectional
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -38 dB
  • Microphone Impedance: 2200 Ohm
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m, 5 ft
  • Connector Type: Dual 3.5mm, 3-pole plugs
  • Adapter: Single 3.5mm, 4-pole plug
  • Integrated volume and mute controls
  • Soft, leather-like ear cups

What’s New:

  • Improved suspended headband is even more comfortable for those gaming marathons
  • Increased range of headphone sensitivity (previously 18 Hz – 28 KHz)
  • Longer cable (the Siberia v2 had a shorter cable with a very long extension cable included)

Siberia 200

What I Liked:

Design – I chose the Alchemy Gold, because it looks really stylish and really spoke to me as being my personal style. I love that the Siberia 200 headphones come in 7 colors, which allows gamers to really customize to their personality. Also, the Alchemy Gold looks fabulous with my GUNNAR Intercept gaming glasses! (Hey, a girl’s gotta coordinate!)

Comfort – I have tested dozens of gaming headphones over the years as a journalist, and I have to say that the Siberia 200 beats all the others on long-lasting comfort. The suspended headband design distributes the pressure on my head so that hours later, I am free from tension headaches or chafing. I can’t say the same for some other, more expensive brands that I have tested in the past, or even a few other SteelSeries models, making the Siberia 200 my favorite to date.

Value – The SteelSeries Siberia 200 headphones retail for $79.99, which is really decent for the quality. With the included adapter, you can plug your Siberia 200’s into any 3.5 mm audio device, such as a cell phone or PlayStation Vita. These things are damn-near indestructible, too – and trust me – if you game with cats, they will test that theory for you! (I have lost many expensive headphones by having them knocked off a table, le sigh.) Drop them, bend the microphone, etc. and be amazed. Compared to more expensive brands, I would choose the Siberia any day for the style and quality.

Sound – The most important part, right? Not only do the Siberia 200 headphones look great, but they sound amazing. I really like that these are noise-cancelling and I can immerse into my gaming world, but not so much that I can’t hear the door bell or my phone ringing. I tested these headphones under a variety of circumstances with different media, to get a feel for sound quality and consistency across different genres and uses, such as PC vs. phone, rock vs. classic music, etc.

What I tested:


  • The Knights’ ThemeThe Order: 1886 Original Soundtrack by Jason Graves
  • Alex Theme (Machine Head Mix) – Silent Hill: Homecoming Original Soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka
  • Ashes – Danzig
  • The Makers Theme – Darksiders II Original Soundtrack by Jesper Kyd
  • Shades of Cool – Lana Del Rey
  • She’s A Pass – DREDD Original Soundtrack by Paul Leonard-Morgan
  • Dragonborn Theme – Skyrim Original Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule
  • Dead End Friends – Them Crooked Vultures
  • Remedy – Seether
  • Terror – KMFDM
  • Closer – Lacuna Coil
  • Lake of Fire (Live) – Nirvana



  • Various phone calls (Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • YouTube videos (PC and Android)

Each test resulted in phenomenal sound down to the last detail; critical to success in competitive gaming, but oh so nice for enjoying your favorite song or even making a few phone calls.

What I Didn’t Like:

I would love if the Siberia 200’s had a light feature, as so many awesome SteelSeries peripherals, do, but that’s really more of a wish for the future than a complaint.

The Verdict – 5/5

SteelSeries continually proves that they are dedicated to crafting the most functional and killer-looking peripherals for eSports and beyond. They really kicked it up a notch with the Siberia 200 headphones, and I am incredibly impressed by the sound quality, style and durability you get for the price. I look forward to using these bad boys for years to come. Wanna try them yourself? You can pick up the SteelSeries Siberia 200 headphones HERE, with free standard shipping!

HB Duran

VGNS Founder, HB Duran is a gamer, artist, musician and occasional game dev. From early forays into all-night NES sessions, her career has blossomed into working as a game industry journalist, artist, QA tester and consultant. “HB” plays a variety of game genres and platforms, but is best known for her love of Silent Hill.

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