Apple Develops New VR Headset

Posted on by Katie Pierson

The secret is out! Apple is throwing its hat into the Virtual Reality ring by designing an Oculus-inspired headset. This new product will take the tech giant’s proprietary iOs technology and put it into whole new world of competitors in the VR realm. The rumor (according to the Financial Times) is that Apple has bulked up their special VR team to come up with its own Virtual Reality technology and headset similar to the popular Oculus Rift and using technology similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Apple VR headset

Above: reported design of Apple’s VR headset. (Source:

The prototype of the Apple headset has been completed and although it would make for a good competitor in the video game market, the VR technology that Apple is developing is possibly being made to be used with the Apple Car.

The fact that Apple is working on the technology to incorporate into their iOS operating system and trying to work on being ahead in the trend of Virtual Reality means that indeed, Virtual Reality will be improved and more accessible to the average consumer with the greatest minds at Apple on the job. This news comes just in time for the Vision VR/AR Summit in Hollywood, CA today.

Do you agree that VR headsets and devices will be more accessible with Apple in on the trend? Let us know what you think!


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