Anduin Lothar: Behind the Scenes of the Warcraft Movie

Posted on by Katie Pierson

The Warcraft movie is now only a few months away, and we just got our first teaser featuring Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar. Prince Anduin Wrynn of Stormwind, that many WOW players know as the Anduin of Warcraft, was named after the character Travis Fimmel plays; confirming that this will be a story for the ages in Azeroth.

Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar.

Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar.

In the following clip released by IGN, Travis talks about the Warcraft movie more in depth, his past experiences with the game and we also hear from the producers, who are thrilled to work with the Vikings star. With Travis’ dark hair in the Warcraft movie, there were times I forgot about his past as a Viking and saw him fitting in as a general for Azeroth; he wears the armor well.

Unconfirmed rumors state that Blizzard is mulling over the idea of offering a deal for those who see the Warcraft movie in theaters. Specifically, their ticket may entitle every movie goer to a bundle which includes the World of Warcraft game, all the released expansions, a month of game time and an in-game item. Presumably, the expansion pack does not include the newest expansion Legion, coming out after the movie’s debut. Rumors have been that World of Warcraft’s subscriptions were lagging the last few years, so I figured the movie would have reignited the subscription numbers with new gamers joining and old WOW fans returning. Blizzard is making sure they are monopolizing on the release of their movie, if the giveaway rumors are true. I think that it would be awesome to give away the bundle with a movie ticket so many who have wanted to try WOW would be able to, and those new players could then translate into good sales for the Legion expansion.

The Warcraft movie debuts June 16, 2016 and the work and effort that was put into the film should make it one of the best films for gamers and WOW geeks this year.

Who is getting as excited as I am for the Warcraft film? With every promo or trailer they release, I just feel more and more like this will be doing my favorite game justice and I think Travis Fimmel is going to do an amazing job of playing Lothar.

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