#FanArtFriday – Destiny Crimson Doubles by DrAssenov

Posted on by HB Duran

Today’s very special #FanArtFriday comes from DeviantArt user, DrAssenov.

RIGHT NOW (yes, right this minute), you can help this talented artist raise funds for our friends over at Stack-Up:

Watch live video from DrAssenov on www.twitch.tv

From DrAssenov:

What you can do: donate on my page donate.stack-up.org/fundraise?… and/or buy a t-shirt and refer “DrAssenov” in your donation

Buy a shirt HERE: stack-up.org/shop/destiny-life… – $20 of the proceeds go towards the fundraiser AND you get a sweet Titan t-shirt! Be sure to refer “DrAssenov” !

If I raise $100 we get a free shirt omg!

To promote her Destiny Crimson Doubles charity game stream, here is a portrait of she and her friend, Ratmore, being bad asses:


Title: Destiny Crimson Doubles

Medium Used: Photoshop CS6 with a wacom tablet

What inspired you to create this piece?

Ratmore and do not have significant others who also own XBOX 360’s and Destiny so we decided to go in and try to compete with actual couples! Friends can enjoy this playlist too!

Where can we find more of your work and/or connect with you?

DeviantArt: drassenov.deviantart.com/
Instagram: instagram.com/drassenov/
Twitter: twitter.com/drassenov
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/DrAssenov
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/DrAssen…
Tumblr: drassenov.tumblr.com/
Twitch: twitch.tv/drassenov

Stack-Up is a great organization helping our troops and veterans here at home. Thanks to DrAssenov for using her talents and Gaming for Good! Don’t forget, you can also support Stack-Up for a limited time by purchasing the Humble Ubisoft Bundle!

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