This Weekend: GAMERZ IN ARMS Live Stream Supports Hire Heroes USA

Posted on by Katie Pierson

GAMERZ IN ARMS is working with Hire Heroes USA to launch a thirty-hour stream on this weekend. Running from February 27th to February 28th, the charity stream is to support the goal of helping US Veterans find work. During the event, they will have streamers playing some of the top titles in gaming and also will be giving away prizes to the fans supporting this cause.

GAMERZ IN ARMS is a charitable organization founded in March of 2015 that helps Veterans by forming a community of like-minded individuals who share the love of the armed forces along with video games. The goal of GAMERZ IN ARMS is to assimilate active duty, reserve and veteran military gamers back into society through charitable acts and entertainment. Hire Heroes USA is a charitable organization that has become the number one resource for Veterans and their families to find work throughout America, with no cost for the services. Hire Heroes USA works on getting Veterans hired after their service time is up; so the two companies coming together is a great charitable act and game companies are taking notice.

During the GAMERZ IN ARMS stream the organizations will be holding multiple raffles and sweepstakess; with giveaways like NVIDIA GTX 900-series graphics cards, Gaems Vanguard, the Elgato HD60, twenty copies of Rainbow Six Siege, various swag bags, and many more gaming items, tuning will do some good and you could win some epic gear!

download (1)Veterans have the highest unemployment out of the American population. Often plagued with physical and mental health issues from their experience, Veterans may have a hard time re-entering civilian life. This which makes both of these organizations vital to the survival of many returning Veterans, since it provides work and fun. Hire Heroes USA helps Veterans, but also their military spouses find suitable careers across the U.S and help them develop skills to be assimilated back into the American workforce. Hire Heroes USA also has one of the best records of getting Veterans to work, with over 67 Veterans being hired through their programs every week.

The stream will be happening live from San Antonio, TX and for over thirty hours the gamers from GAMERZ IN ARMS will be streaming games like League of Legends, Just Cause 3, Castle Crashers, World or Warcraft and much more to raise funds and hype about Hire Heroes USA. Tuning into is easy to watch the stream and the information on how to enter the sweepstakes is on the GAMERZ IN ARMS twitch channel accessible at any time:

Watch live video from GamerzInArmsTV on

As the co-founder of GAMERZ IN ARMS, Casey Clark, U.S. Army veteran states,

“As a veteran, it brings me a lot of pride to help other veterans because I know the struggles we face when we get back home. When many veterans return home, they’re just pushed back into society without the full support needed to adjust. GAMERZ IN ARMS helped me through the toughest time in my life by introducing me to a supportive social group, and Hire Heroes USA helps people like myself develop skills to find employment after a military career. It’s a great cause, and I’m thrilled to be able to support those in need!”

Want to help? Tune into the GAMERZ IN ARMS Stream and support this noble cause starting on February 27th!

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