CAPCOM LIVE! Rockestral World Tour Debuts March 19th

Posted on by HB Duran

Video game publishing giant, Capcom has announced CAPCOM LIVE!, a new “rockestral” concert series in the vein of Video Games Live.

Capcom Live

A live mix of rock and classical orchestra, the concert series will perform themes from a variety of Capcom franchises, although specific titles have yet to be named.

Per the press release:

“At “CAPCOM LIVE!” attendees can enjoy live performances of game music from more than ten Capcom masterpieces dating from the 1980s up through the present day, all completely synchronized to HD visuals. In addition to the performance of “Video Game Orchestra”—a group that combines rock and orchestral music into “rockestral” concerts and boasts high notoriety in the US—the tour will pursue sophisticated entertainment via staging that weaves together visual effects and specialized lighting. This tour differs from events that have targeted only gamers by brining to life a forward-thinking musical project that can engage music fans and general audiences as well.”

As of this posting, the CAPCOM LIVE! tour dates are as follows:

  • Shanghai, China – March 19, 2016
  • Beijing, China – March 26, 2016
  • Boston, MA – April 9, 2016
  • More locations TBA

In addition, Capcom plans to expand their CAPCOM LIVE! tour to 30-40 public performances globally, including North America, Central & South America, Europe and Asia.

CAPCOM LIVE! kicks off their “rockestral” tour on March 19, 2016. What Capcom music would you like to hear live? Leave your thoughts below!


HB Duran

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