High Hopes for Pokemon Sun and Moon

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The Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct on Friday revealed news that has fans all over the globe looking forward to the end of the year. Although there wasn’t much information included about the upcoming holiday release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, just the confirmation that they are coming is enough to whip fans into a frenzy. So what are the many possibilities that we can look forward to in the next entry in the core game series?

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New Pokemon

Not only is it the tradition for every new generation of Pokemon games to introduce new creatures to the cast, but there are small glimpses of them at the end of the announcement trailer. We get a brief look at a wire-frame figure for what appears to be a new bird-like Pokemon, which will probably be the coming generation’s mirror to Pidgey. There are rumors and speculation floating around that Pokemon Sun and Moon might be set in a tropical region, which could definitely influence the new Pokemon that make an appearance. As for the other countless possibilities, we’ll have to wait for word from Nintendo or find out ourselves when the games launch later this year!

New Pokemon Bank Access

It was announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will have Pokemon Bank functionality, which means that trainers will be able to transfer Pokemon from seven different games into the next generation! Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire already had Pokemon Bank access, and the new release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on the Nintendo eShop have also been given access, meaning there’s a huge variety of Pokemon that can be moved into Pokemon Sun and Moon. Get your PokeDex ready, because it’s in for a workout!

New Designs

PokeCenters and PokeMarts are constantly evolving, always changing in appearance between each different generation, and it looks as though this generation will be no different. Again, the trailer reveals just a quick glance, but the new buildings seem to much more circular and even than the boxy forms of the older generations. Although not as drastic a change or development as other parts of the game, it’s always interesting to see the changing architecture from the various different regions.

New Possibilities

Now, the announcement for Pokemon Sun and Moon might not have been packed with details, but the confirmation of another entry into the core game series means that there are so many new things that can happen. If X and Y were able to introduce Sylveon as the newest Eeveelution, could we be looking forward to another possible evolution for the much-loved Eevee? Mega Evolution is still a rather new process, so there will surely be at least a few new Pokemon that get access to this incredible power, but who will it be? There are already jokes running wild about Solrock and Lunastone getting mega evolutions (probably fueled by the chosen names), but we have yet to see for sure! Pokemon X and Y gave trainers the chance to change clothes and accessorize, which will hopefully be continued or even expanded in the next generation.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer from the Nintendo Direct below!

What are you most excited for? What can you not wait to learn? Let us know in the comments below! And if you can’t wait until the holidays for a fix of Pokemon goodness, don’t forget that you can relive Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow through the Nintendo eShop!

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