Umbrella Corps Multi-Mission Mode Revealed

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Umbrella Corps, the upcoming third-person shooter in the Resident Evil universe, will feature multiple modes of play. Today, Capcom revealed a new, aptly-named mode called Multi-Mission.


Above: In Target Mode, only killing the specified target will result in points.


Umbrella Corps Multi-Mission mode thrusts teams into a cycle of 8 random rule sets. This will keep each player on their toes, having to constantly react, change strategy and work together to win. Multi-Mission mode puts a spin on classic, multiplayer modes such as King of the Hill (Domination), Team Deathmatch (Respawn Match), Kill Confirmed (Collar War) and Capture the Skull (Protector), while adding new modes of play to shake things up, as well.


The 8 Umbrella Corps Multi-Mission Modes are as follows:

Target Hunter – One target will be chosen per team and only killing that target will count towards the score. Players can choose whether to focus on protecting their own target or aggressively attacking the enemy target.

Respawn Match – Team deathmatch featuring respawns. Take advantage of the on-screen sound radar map to locate the enemies’ random respawn points.

Domination – Secure the specified data transmission point located within the stage for a longer time than the enemy team in order to win.

Above: Domination mode.

Above: Domination mode.


DNA Hunter – Kill zombies and collect their DNA samples. Destroying the opposing team’s Zombie Jammers is a key strategy in this mode.

SP DNA Hunter – Kill the special mutated zombies and collect their DNA samples. They are particularly tough and immune to the effects of the Zombie Jammer. It’ll take teamwork to bring these creatures down.

Collector – Teams battle it out to see who will be first to collect all 5 briefcases in the stage.

Protector – Find the briefcase and hold it for as long as possible, while fending off the opposition. The player who has it will become a moving target, so teams must work together effectively.

Collar War – Collect the battle data “collars” of downed enemy players, and pick up allies’ collars to prevent the enemy team from getting points.

In Umbrella Corps, you must survive not only attacks from other players, but the undead, as well. Although a Zombie Jammer helps keep them at bay, some enemies are immune or resistant; so never before has “watching your six” been so important! (It would royally suck to be sniping on a roof only to have a Licker bite your face off!) In addition to a variety of multiplayer modes, you can also brave The Experiment, pitching you alone in single-player against increasing hordes of zombies.

“This isn’t a shooter that’s about leveling up your guns or experience points, it’s more about your own skill level and creating the best strategy to eliminate your opponents so your team can be victorious,” explained Capcom on their Unity Blog. “And of course there’s plenty of Resident Evil-ness to go around.”

You can join the ranks of Umbrella Corps for PS4 and PC in May of 2016 for $29.99 US. For more information, head on over to the official website and keep it here as new information develops!

While you wait, check out this Denver Umbrella Corporation cosplay group for charity!

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