#FanArtFriday – Booker DeWitt by LadyLieDie

Posted on by HB Duran

This week’s #FanArtFriday celebrates the protagonist of Bioshock: Infinite – Booker DeWitt!

Expertly drawn by LadyLieDie on DeviantArt, here’s Booker DeWitt, who is apparently in no mood.


“Booker DeWitt doesn’t take commands from anyone.” – LadyLieDie

Title: The False Shephard

Medium: Pencil, then Adobe Photoshop

What inspired you to create this piece?

Not much of a story except that Booker is a badass and there was tons of art for Elizabeth (thought rightly so) and not as much for him.

How can people find your art and/or connect with you?



We’d like to thank the talented LadyLieDie for sharing this awesome Bioshock: Infinite fan art. Booker DeWitt looks awesome (and annoyed, lol). If you’d like to nominate fan art (either yours or someone else’s) to be featured here, please send an email to: fanart@videogamenewssource.com.

*VGNS will not post nudity (within reason of character design) or otherwise controversial artwork considered over PG-13. Submission of art does not guarantee posting on this site. Fan art shared with the VGNS community is solely up to Editor discretion and artist permission.

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