Into the Stars is Essentially ‘Oregon Trail’ In Space

Posted on by HB Duran

Into the Stars, the debut game from indie studio, Fugitive Games, is available now on Steam, fresh out of Early Access.  Successfully funded thanks to their Kickstarter campaign, this open-world survival simulator leaves you in charge of humanity’s future (no pressure), with each voyage offering new challenges to scavenge for food, rescue civilians and outrun alien hostiles.

Into the Stars

At the beginning of each mission, players can hand-pick their crew and outfit their ship before heading out into deep space. Into the Stars is “Oregon Trail in Space,” according to the developers, so don’t be too discouraged if ya know…everyone dies.

In celebration of the game’s official public launch, here’s an official launch trailer:

Into the Stars features a soundtrack by Jack Wall (Lost Planet 3, Mass Effect), and the official game launch (out of Early Access) brings new missions, updated content and exploration mode.

A special Into The Stars Digital Deluxe Version is available $26.99 (includes 10% launch discount) which includes:
  • Original Soundtrack, by Jack Wall
  • Digital copy of Developer’s Artbook
  • Handy Star map
  • Exclusive collection of game wallpapers

Into the Stars is available now for an introductory price of $17.99 on Steam. For more information, you can visit the official website and keep it here as new information develops!


HB Duran

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