Watch Composer, Inon Zur Play the Fallout 4 Theme on Piano

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Inon Zur, award-winning composer of Fallout 4, plays many instruments, including patio furniture. But here, you can enjoy a peaceful moment of piano a la the Fallout 4 theme. Zur’s methods for playing can be a bit unorthodox; in fact he claims to at times, bite the strings! Before you think he’s crazy, consider this: Zur is not the only game composer who gets creative this way; Far Cry: Primal composer, Jason Graves has been known to bang on homemade metal sculptures and Dexter composer, Daniel Licht has even used human bones!

Above: Inon Zur being nice to the piano. (Source: Bethesda)

Above: Inon Zur being nice to the piano…for now. (Source: Bethesda)


It’s all for the sake of creating mood and atmosphere during gameplay, and this 3-time BAFTA Award-Winning composer explains how piano plays an important role in Fallout 4‘s soundtrack:

“I have a very nice grand piano at home, and I recorded myself playing the main theme,” Zur says. Todd’s (Game Director, Todd Howard) first reaction was mixed: He liked the idea of the piano, but he found the actual sound to be too bright, bordering on harsh. Todd and Mark (Audio Director, Mark Lampert) wanted something warmer. “So I created a combination between a real piano and an electric piano sound,” Zur says. “A sound that is really round and not bright at all but very lush.” When Zur played this for Todd and Mark, both of them immediately knew this was what they wanted. “So following that lead on, there are multiple times that I use this,” Zur says. “You also hear it first in the main theme. This is not a mistake or just a random choice. The piano will stay with us throughout the whole score.”

Watch Inon Zur play Fallout 4 on his aforementioned grand piano…with his hands:

Although previously released in September 2015, this video has recently hit over one million views, and has therefore been making the rounds among music-lovers and game enthusiasts alike. There is no doubt that Zur is very talented. He has composed for dozens of other video games, including EverQuest II and Fantasia: Music Evolved.

You can pick up the Fallout 4 soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about composer, Inon Zur, visit his official website.

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