Inside the Latest Super Mario Maker Update

Posted on by Sarah Kreckman

Super Mario Maker, the create-and-play game for Wii U, has received an update full of new features!

mario maker

This game within a game, which debuted in September 2015, allows players from around the world to invent, edit, and publish their own levels to the online Course World.  Other players can then browse and choose a level to play from an extensive library of over 6 million created courses (as of February 2016), or opt for one to be selected at random in the 100-Mario Challenge.

The free software update for Super Mario Maker, which went live on March 9th 2016, has several different key components that all lead to a more imaginative gaming experience.

Update 1:

Shake a thwamp, thwampand it turns into a skewer .skewer

Update 2:

Shake a P switch,  105px-P-Switch_NSMB2 and it turns into a key.  SuperKeySMSJ

Shake a door, and it becomes a key door.                           WiiU_SMM_screen_02_png_jpgcopy

You can even hide keys in blocks or in enemies.  And, you can trail up to eight keys behind you for later use.

Update 3:


Pink coins= a key!

Shake a coin, and it turns into a pink coin.  Place up to five pink coins in the main area and sub areas.

Update 4:

“Super Expert” 100-Mario Challenge has been added.  When you clear 100-Mario Challenge on “Super Expert” difficulty, you’ll reveal 5 new mystery mushroom costumes.  There are 12 in all to be unlocked; Four in “Expert” mode, and three in “Normal” mode.

Update 5:

Failure points.  View points of difficulty and see comments along the way.

Update 6:

There has also been an update for the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site.  You can explore rankings and bookmark multiple World Record-Setting levels using a smart device or browser.

Check out the new updates here.  Are you a fan of Mario, and have you played Super Mario Maker for Wii U?  Let us know what you think!

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