Geek Fuel Unboxing, March 2016 – DC, Marvel and Legend of Zelda!

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Geek Fuel March

This month’s Geek Fuel unboxing proved to be as epic as the super heroes featured inside! In the great tradition of comic book fans debating at the coffee shop, March features the ultimate “who would win” theme; Batman v Superman, which hits theaters March 25th.

We also get an inside look into Stan Lee’s origin story, an adorable, collectible Legend of Zelda print and more – check it out!

This month’s Geek Fuel Box Included:

  • Dinocide Downloadable Steam Game & Map – $10 value
  • Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Stan Lee – $30 value
  • Batman v. Superman Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure – $8 value
  • “The Legend” Exclusive Legend of Zelda art print – $50+ (I received a limited edition version)
  • “Vision of Justice” Justice League T-Shirt – Geek Fuel Exclusive, $25 value
  • (GIVEAWAY ONLY) Batman v. Superman movie ticket – $15 value


Geek Fuel is a monthly, mystery subscription box of video game, comic book and pop culture collectibles. Each box comes with a downloadable Steam game worth $10, and an exclusive t-shirt and a giveaway, plus a ton of other fun stuff. What I like most about the box is that you get quality over quantity; I really don’t need to clutter up my office with a bunch of “okay” items. Rather, I enjoy a smaller number of collectibles of higher value, which is much more satisfying to me. Each month feels like Geek Fuel put a lot of effort into picking cool stuff for us – and not just a bunch of “throwaway” or left over merchandise they rustled up from donors.

Oftentimes, these boxes contain items of a similar, timely theme like Back to the Future, Star Wars or in this case, Batman v. Superman; however, the folks over at Geek Fuel don’t want to limit your haul by sticking to one franchise. That way, if they have the opportunity to stick something really cool in your box, they’ll do it! In the past, we’ve received tickets to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, limited edition posters, exclusive variant comic books and more.

What did you think of this month’s Geek Fuel? Tell us your favorite item in the comments! If you haven’t already, now is a great time to sign up – use THIS LINK to get a BONUS item worth $10 when you subscribe! With plans starting at $13.90 per box, it’s a tremendous value. Already a subscriber? Share your unboxing links with us!

Also, the folks working at Geek Fuel are a small group of really awesome super fans, just like you. Check out our interview from last year’s Comic Con!

HB Duran

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