Tom Clancy’s The Division Soundtrack Now Available

Posted on by HB Duran

Tom Clancy’s The Division soundtrack by Ola Strandh is available now for digital download, thanks to video game soundtrack publisher, Sumthing Else Music Works. If you’re enjoying your pandemic-fueled battles across Manhattan, you might like to relive your favorite in-game moments while at work, relaxing or on the go.

The Division soundtrack

Ola Strandh (World In Conflict, Ground Control II) has composed a soundtrack for The Division that conveys driving action, building tension or intimate moments within the game, using percussion, acoustic instruments and synthesizers. In Tom Clancy’s The Division, an elite team of highly-specialized tactical agents are New York’s only hope against dangerous factions within the city. Days after a weaponized strain of Small Pox is unleashed on Black Friday, it’s up to you, the player to investigate the cause of the virus and restore order to a very frightened and sick population.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of The Division soundtrack:

You can pick up Tom Clancy’s The Division soundtrack by Olah Strandh on Sumthing Else Music Works now for digital download, with a physical CD hitting stores on March 22nd.

Sumthing Else is a major publisher for video game soundtracks, so while you’re there, you can pick up albums for Street Fighter V, Far Cry: Primal, Bloodborne, and a ton more. (Who needs to eat?) The Soundtrack is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

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