Time’s Running Out to Fund Golem Prequel Soundtrack, Echoes of the First Dreamer

Posted on by Chelsea Ishikawa

Highwire Games’ Golem is getting a prequel soundtrack; that is, if they meet their Kickstarter goal. Echoes of the First Dreamer is a soundtrack that is intended to be a stand-alone piece, introducing players to the world of Golem. Composer Marty O’Donnell from Destiny and Halo fame will be composing the album, along with the score of the game, itself. Golem’s announcement trailer has showcased a taste of O’Donnell’s talent for those who are unfamiliar with his work.
Echoes of the first dreamer

“I’ve known Marty twenty years, been his colleague and friend for almost as long, and I always thought I was a fan of his music. Everyone loves the Flintstones jingle, we’ve enjoyed the trailers, and his in-game music is fantastic… but for me, it was always about the “Official Soundtrack” album. Just like the game, but without the distracting gunfire and explosions!

“Only it turns out I had never really, REALLY appreciated Marty’s music until last year, when I listened to an album he had composed and arranged specifically as a stand-alone work, recorded live in a single session, and presented exclusively as a listening experience. It was breathtaking. That’s why I encouraged him to undertake a similar project at Highwire and create a musical prequel for Golem. And why I am so excited that all of his fans (me included) are being invited to help make it happen.”

– Jaime Griesemer, Creative Director at Highwire Games

The Kickstarter is to get the piece off of the ground and remain independent. The funds will go to hiring the vocalists and musicians along with the studio and engineers to make the piece. Those who help make this piece happen will know that their contribution is appreciated, as there great backer rewards for those who contribute. Some highlights include digital albums, vinyls and even original sheet music. 

The project needs to reach their $45,000 goal by Tue, Apr 12 2016 9:00 PM MDT or else they will not be funded.

There little under a month left to donate to secure your slice of that beautifully composed pie. If you wish to make a contribution you can do so HERE.

Are you a fan of O’Donnell’s work and want to contribute to his passion project? Let us know down in the comments! 

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