Playing Paragon Early Access? Here are 10 Tips to Achieve Victory!

Posted on by HB Duran

Paragon‘s Early Access began today on PS4 and PC! If you picked up a Founder’s Pack, you’re no doubt jumping right in as soon as you can.


“The Founder’s Packs start with access,” writes Paragon Creative Director, Steve Superville, “then layer on more and more Master Challenges and boosts. Each Hero has its own Master Challenge, which is designed to give you extra rewards for playing that Hero, including exclusive skins and emotes that can only be earned through Master Challenges. They also include a permanent XP boost for that Hero. The higher level Founder’s Packs also contain a unique skin and an extra Founder’s Pack you can give to a friend.”

This MOBA forces players to use strategy, not just run and gun; so it will be interesting to see how players adapt the game’s features to their advantage! Epic has released a video with a Basic Guide for navigating the game and using your abilities to their fullest, including how to use teamwork and not make risky choices, at the expense of giving power to your opponent’s teams:

Founder’s Packs are available now for $19.99 and The Essentials Edition will be available in stores June 7th. Paragon is free to play, and all in-game purchases are cosmetic-only, so you have just as much chance to win as those who buy items. Purchasing packs and special editions helps fund the project, support Epic and give you a better value for in-game purchases.

Are you playing Paragon Early Access? Share your first impressions in the comments!

HB Duran

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