Recap: Winners of the Intel Extreme Masters at Katowice 2016

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The competition may be over, but we’re still feeling the buzz from the Intel Extreme Masters at Katowice and the epic battle that went down between arguably, some of the best teams in the world. The competing teams at Katowice came from four different countries; North America, South America, Europe and Asia, representing a battle of the world.

Let’s recap who won, shall we?


Counter Strike Global Offensive:


Fnatic came out swinging at the Intel Extreme Masters in the Counter Strike Global Offense portion of Katowice, but they did not win the title easy, as the competition was fierce and the results could have be very different if some teams had not had a few setbacks.

The Counter Strike Global Championship was an epic battle of amazing teams and the winning battles were fun to watch. One unstoppable rise was Luminosity beating BYE from the first round, then going on to beat Natus Vincere in the second, to the make it to the final against Fnatic. The winning team, Fnatic came up similarly from beating Virtus Pro in the first round, to beating Astralis in the second round to make it to the grand finale and then winning the sought after prize. Fnatic came out on top as the champion of the Counter Strike Global Offense at Katowice which was hosted at at the Spoodek Arena in Poland. Luminosity lost out on winning and instead Fnatic was the winning team, undefeated at 3-0 and the team will split the grand finale prize of $250,000 between the team members.

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League of Legends:

SKTelecom T1 won the battle of the League of Legends playoffs after beating Fnatic and clinching the victory for their team. SKTelecom T1 is an unstoppable eSports team from Korea and with intense gameplay skills became the grand finale winner of the IEM Championship, winning the pool of $50,000. The other competitors did not go away empty handed, as the IEM Katowice team gave away a grand total of $100,000 to the final eight teams that advanced to the championship and faced off in this epic battle.


Starcraft 2:

Team Polt was the winner of the Starcraft 2 IEM Katowice after defeating team Snute. The Starcraft 2 battle was huge, with thirty two teams starting the competition culminating in the victory for Polt, who finished off the largest eSports battle at Katowice in 2016. This seems fitting for Starcraft 2 seeing how many gamers, especially in South Korea, have been competing in Starcraft battles since 2002. This was early even for the most seasoned gamers online. The grand finale winner not only took home the $150,000 winning prize but the team also received 11,000 points to go towards their WCS Global Playoff totals.


Heroes of the Storm Spring EU Championship:

The Katowice showdown of Heroes of the Storm was a epic battle in the Nexus when the German-hailed Team Dignitus beat mYinsanity 3-0 to become Heroes of the Storm Spring EU Champions for 2016 and won the $250,000 grand prize. The up side for mYinsantity is that they qualify along with the Spring EU Champions, Team Dignitus, for the global Heroes of the Storm Spring World Championship, which takes place in Seoul, South Korea April 1st-3rd, 2016 and compete to win another grand prize of $100,000.



Team AKA Wonder won after defeating SilverName in a 0-3 match and clinching the victory in Hearthstone, the strategic card game from Blizzard Entertainment. The playoffs went down between eight teams for the IEM Expo at Katowice and AKA Wonder eventually clinched the victory after beating Doky in the first round, Espumito in the second and the on to ultimate victory against SilverName in the last round.

Counter Strike Global Offense Expo Event:

The female competition was strong this year, as WRTP went head to head against CLG Red in an epic showdown.  WRTP outperformed their competitors 2-0 and won the Counter Strike Global Offense victory at the IEM Expo 2016. The female teams that competed were battling it out for the grand prize of $30,000 and the eight teams that were invited to compete made sure to bring their A-game resulting in an epic showdown!

Intel Extreme Masters at Katowice

The Intel Extreme Masters at Katowice brought together some of the best teams in the world, attracting large crowds with fierce competition and large prize money at stake.

Who were you rooting for to win at IEM Katowice and did your favorites come out on top? The competition was fierce this year! 

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