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The Warcraft movie is only a few months away, and we were recently treated to two new TV spot trailers. One gave us our first view of the evil Warlock, Gul’Dan, who was unleashed in the TV spot that debuted on March 16th, 2016. The Legendary Films-produced movie based on the MMORPG video game World of Warcraft will hit theaters June 10th, 2016 and we in case you missed it, we showed the first trailer in a previous article with facts you needed to know about the film.

In case you missed them, these are the latest TV Spot Warcraft Movie Trailers:

To get the general public hyped, Legendary also gave us more shots of the epic characters we will be following in the first movie of the Warcraft story line. The trailers released highlight the characters and scenery, which does not disappoint fans of the video game; meanwhile, those who may have only heard of Warcraft in passing will be amazed by the fantasy world. The characters we see are new shots of Garona, Thrall’s mother, who will be a central character to the story line as the spouse of the main Orc protagonist, but also a warrior in her own right. Also seen in the trailer is Khadgar, Lady Taria and a dwarf who will also be a part of the story line, representing dwarves of Warcraft

One TV spot trailer encompasses the first cinematic scene with a one-on one-battle between a human and an orc warrior in an epic sequence with graphics that bring the fantasy and exuberance of Warcraft to life. The battle between the two characters encompasses the spirit of the Warcraft world, with strong warriors and detailed armor and weapons courtesy of Weta Works (Lord of the Rings). The movements look amazingly flawless while depicting the fantasy fighting fans have come to love from the World of Warcraft game and stay true to the franchise.

The scenes in the trailers bring the World of Warcraft to life, which can be difficult with a predominately fantasy-based game, but Legendary films have already transformed the world of Azeroth perfectly. The conclusion is that the Warcraft film will be true to the fantastical video game and be full of the best character depictions of the beloved heroes and epic fantasy story line.

Warcraft movie trailers

The magnificent Mage city of Dalaran looking as amazing as ever!

The action of the Warcraft movie is already slated to be intense and the cinematography is beautifully done.The trailers have raised the already high expectations of this movie to a even larger level and will hopefully secure a large audience allowing the franchise to continue into more movies. The Warcraft movie is rated PG-13, due to the fantasy violence but will be fun for World of Warcraft fans at the many different age groups who should be impressed seeing their World of Warcraft, come to life.

I for one am hoping for a franchise from the Warcraft films and from what has been teased, the Warcraft world is accurately brought to life, so I am ready for June and to see this film in its entirety. The story line of Warcraft is astronomical and this franchise possibly could morph into one of the biggest fantasy franchises on film. As a devoted fan, I am excited to see what is in store for the Warcraft film.

A bonus to the movie trailer hype is an unconfirmed rumor that the anticipation of the movie is already pushing retailers and possibly the release date up on the Legion expansion. The much anticipated expansion of the World of Warcraft universe, which we have given information about the release, had its original release date of September 2016, but some retailers have been pre-ordering making game insiders wonder if the game will be released soon after the movie.

Let me know in the comments if these releases are getting you excited for the Warcraft movies debut and who you are most excited to see in the film? Also do you think it will create large hype for the Legion expansion and get more people into the World of Warcraft game?

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