Diablo Fan Makes Surprising Confession at #GDC

Posted on by Katie Pierson

Hilarious news from the Blizzard Entertainment front, more specifically regarding the 20-year old battle game, Diablo. During a Q&A Session at the Game Developers Conference, writer, fan and longtime gamer, Shivam Bhatt valiantly admitting to Blizzard Co-Founder, David Brevik to illegally downloading the legendary game when he originally played in 1997.  Bhatt cleared his gamer conscious when he admitted to stealing the game almost two decades ago and then offered to make it right with Brevik. 


The amount Bhatt paid for Diablo, which was released in 1996, was not disclosed but the gamer offered up cash on the spot, thus was rewarded with a picture with Brevik and even a shout-out on Twitter about his noble act. Bhatt’s act was a lesson to all gamers who may feel a bit of guilt for pirating a game one or two decades ago, only to have fallen in love with the series so much that your conscious eats you alive. Maybe the best reaction is not to try to pay the developers directly, but you can make a purchase from your favorite gaming series or platform and support the developers.

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The developers of all video games work very hard on the games you love and thus deserve the compensation and success the game achieves. The developer may be as grateful as David Brevik, even if their games have gone on to sell in the millions. By purchasing the games, you are supporting the same people working tirelessly to make the games more enjoyable to you and all the fans across the world and in my opinion, that is something to show gratitude for.


I remember my copy of Diablo and how my brother and myself both put it onto all our computers, until the game codes were all used up. There are fond memories of the years we went and played the game at the local internet cafe, so I can see why Bhatt would be guilty he didn’t pay up for this life changing game.

Tell me in the comments below, if you are brave enough, if you have ever pirated a game and what you feel would be a good compensation? I personally have never pirated a game, but I may have a few music artists’ pirated songs on a disc or computer somewhere. To make up for any illegal downloads in my possession, I make sure to go out of my way to buy their merchandise and try to correct the balance of the illegal Napster downloads of the past. 

Katie Pierson

Katie is a longtime PC gamer who dabbles in consoles with PS3 games and being a Wii fit addict during the winter months. Her favorite pastimes are playing RPG games, especially those with a triptych tank/damage/healer in large group formats since she thrives on healing. Katie also enjoys puzzle games and games with a great story-line or a kitschy twist that will hold her attention for hours.

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