Rocket League ‘Dunk House’ Basketball Mode Coming In April

Posted on by Jackie Mueller

If you thought playing soccer with cars was fun, how about mixing it up and playing basketball with cars?!

That’s right, a new basketball mode aptly titled “Dunk House” is coming to Rocket League this April!

The video in the above Tweet showcases an awesome dunk in what looks to be a very exciting addition to the Psyonix Studios’ sports/action hybrid game. Brush up on those skills though, because it looks like some pretty big air will be needed to tip that ball into the hoop – but thankfully, there’s a pretty big hoop!

And for the true Rocket League pros, there’s even a three point line that gives bonus points for scoring a basket from a distance!


Rocket League was initially released for PS4 and PC last summer, and then this past February Xbox One owners got to join in on the fun.  The game has been very well received, even taking home the Best Design Award at GDC earlier this month!

Grab your own copy of Rocket League from Steam, PSN, or the Xbox Marketplace and start scoring some goals! Who’s excited for #RocketLeagueHoops?

Jackie Mueller

Jackie’s life changed forever when she got her first video game console, an Atari 2600. She has been gaming nonstop for three decades on both consoles and computers, and it inspired her to pursue a career in the IT field. When she’s not gaming, Jackie can usually be found shredding the trails on her mountain bike.

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