Tom Clancy’s The Division Soundtrack Review

Posted on by Trevor Boyson

Ah, the excitement of running the streets of New York with your crew, keeping the city from those that wish the city to fall forever into chaos. Tom Clancy’s The Division captured our imaginations the moment it was announced at E3 2013. The gun play, the city, and the teamwork lured many gamers in. Pleasantly, it turns out, The Division is hiding a world class soundtrack that not only adds incredibly to the gameplay but can also stand its own ground.

The Division Soundtrack

As players of The Division know, the game can be tense. The music isn’t something that hits you right in the face, but that’s something Director and Composer, Ola Strandh (World in Conflict, Ground Control II) was aiming for. It lends itself to the mood of the moment in-game without upstaging the action.

The Division Podcast: Episode 2 – “Behind the Music”

In fact, the Original Game Soundtrack might be more noticeably enjoyable away from the game. On its own you can really feel the electronic, atmospheric music whether it’s quiet and intimate or driving drums and synth.  It’s an album you can play in the background of just about anything.

Division Insider: Behind the Music

Tom Clancy’s The Division soundtrack by Ola Strandh is available now for digital download, thanks to video game soundtrack publisher, Sumthing Else Music Works. At $9.99, you’ll get 18 songs of electronic atmospheric goodness. The Soundtrack is also available on iTunes and Amazon.
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