Dungeon of the Endless Review (Xbox One)

Posted on by Chelsea Ishikawa
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Amplitude Studios’ Xbox One port of Dungeon of the Endless is a fun and at times, challenging take on the dungeon-defense genre.


Visuals – 4/5

The game opts for 2D-based art style and character sprites for their game rather than using realistic visuals. This choice was nice since the visuals feel natural and fitting without feeling like a gimmick. The contrast of the look of each dungeon before powering it up is really well done. When the dungeon is dark, enemies can spawn in there, so the look of it is important to remind players that lack of light can be dangerous.

Sound – 4/5 

Dungeon of the Endless uses a mix of realistic sounds and sound bytes that sound like they would come from a classic arcade cabinet. Just like the visuals, the sound bytes do not feel gimmicky either. The music of the game, especially the song, Wrecking Bad from the soundtrack, matches the tone of the game very well. The music conveys both isolation and hope with the tracks and is very effective in matching the game’s unique feel of exploration and wonder.

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Controls – 4/5

The controls of the game might be difficult to get used to for players who have played the iOS or PC port of the game, but the controls using the Xbox One controller is really effective and fluid. The Xbox One console controls are responsive and natural. All too often, PC ports of games have trouble getting the controls on consoles to be effective since there is a limited number of buttons on the controller. This is not the case for Dungeon of the Endless.

Gameplay – 3.5/5

Veterans of strategy and dungeon-defense games might not find Dungeon of the Endless as challenging as new players do, but there is a learning curve to the game. Players might find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when starting out, since the tutorial does not go into the finer details of the game. There are times where failure and death will be the only way to learn and improve skills. It would make sense if inexperienced players struggle heavily in the beginning stages. If players can handle the challenge of the learning curve, they will be rewarded with a very detailed and complex strategy game that is very enjoyable.

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Value – 4/5

As mentioned before, there is a strong learning curve for the game. There is a lot of gameplay in Dungeon of the Endless since it takes a lot of time and practice to do very well in the game. But once the level of proficiency is reached, there is a fun four player co-op multiplayer mode to be enjoyed with friends. For $9.99, the combined modes make for tons of gameplay hours to be played alone or with others.

Overall – 4/5

Dungeon of the Endless is a unique and fun strategy game that will frustrate you at times and also delight you, as well. It is more complex and layered compared to other dungeon-defense games out there. This Xbox One port of the game is a great version and worth the buy with great gameplay and music.

Dungeon of the Endless is available for PC, iPad, and XBox One. Have you explored the deepest depths of the planet, Auriga? Let us know down in the comments below! 

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