The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2: Give No Shelter Review (PS4)

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The second episode of this Telltale miniseries is an interesting look into the dark past of Michonne and revisits the danger that the new group has found themselves in. Spoilers ahead! 

The walking dead Michonne

Visuals – 4/5

The comic book-style graphics of the game are not for everyone but I enjoy it, as it makes the comic book that the game is based on come to life before us. The game uses great visuals to portray the emotional turmoil that Michonne wrestles with in this episode, with using hallucinations that blend seamlessly into the look of reality that gives players a taste of what it is like to unravel.

Sound – 3/5

The sound of this episode is very similar to other episodes of The Walking Dead Telltale games. When things get tense or close calls occur, they use the same sound bytes. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it makes the games feel connected in the same world.

Controls – 4/5

The game relies majority on QTEs for controls, but the controls are fluid and responsive. Usually there requires frequent and tiring button mashing, but in this episode, not many. The majority of the controls in this episode is selecting responses from the dialog tree, which is not an issue for me as the story is what Telltale games are all about.

Gameplay – 3.5/5

The gameplay in most Telltale games are very similar, with button mashing for combat sequences and point and click for the rest of the game. I usually enjoy the point and click sections of the game as each selectable object triggers a response which leads to a better understanding of the story. In the hallucination sequence where you have to find evidence of what happened to Michonne’s daughters, there was not much to explore and there was not a lot of background to learn. I was disappointed by that, but overall the gameplay was fun and led to some tense moments and decisions that I really had to think about making.


The Walking Dead: Michonne Kids

Value – 4/5

This episode felt on the shorter side, even with my detail-oriented playstyle. Even though it was short, it is worth the money as it is only around $5 per episode.

Replay Value – 5/5

I always have two playthroughs for every Telltale series. I keep one for my first instinct choices, and then I have another one to see what happens if I make a different choice. Replaying the episode to view the different outcomes is a great way to pass the time in-between episode releases.

Overall – 4/5

This second installment of the Telltale Miniseries was exciting and introduced the stakes of the next episode. After meeting Sam’s family, there is more of an urgency to protect them.  We do not know if your decisions throughout the series will affect the ending or not, but this second installment was just enough to leave us anticipating the big showdown with Norma.

In case you missed it, you can view the trailer here:

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode Two: Give No Shelter, is available on PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, PC, iOS, and Google Play. Have you survived the visions of your past with Michonne? Let us know down in the comments! 

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