PAX East: ARK Survival of the Fittest Tournaments, T-Rex and…Poop?

Posted on by Sarah Kreckman

The Penny Arcade Exposition (PAX) in Boston, Massachusetts will host all-day ARK:  Survival of the Fittest Tournaments!


Those heading to PAX East might want to ‘stomp’ over to Booth #8092, where they can check out ARK: Survival of the FittestThis massive dinosaur survival game pits players against each other in an arena setting.  Play as a ‘lone wolf’ or form a ‘tribe’; there are even creatures throughout the game that can be trained and used in battle, such as this bad boy you can actually have your picture taken on:

ark tournaments

This 16-foot tall T-Rex is waiting for your wild photo ops!

The company responsible for this game, Studio Wildcard, will be on-hand at PAX East Friday April 22- Sunday April 24 at their booth and the ARK Main Stage.  Beginning at 10 amTournaments of ARK: Survival of the Fittest will be broadcasted by casters BikeMan, TypeForced, Sl1pg8r, & Fairlight Excalibur, just to name a few.  PAX East badges are sold out, but if you were lucky enough to snag one here’s what you can look forward to at the ARK booth:

  • a chance to say hello to the Wildcard team
  • a 16 foot T-Rex with photo opportunities!
  • collectible dinosaur pins
  • a plush poo souvenir
  • play live-battle ARK and win a limited edition dinosaur statue
  • and more!

Can’t go to Boston, but want in on the fun?  Check out for more details about this tyrannosaurus-sized multiplayer game, or give it a whirl on PS4, Xbox One or on Steam!

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