Corsair Introduces New Ways To Bring PC Gaming To The Living Room

Posted on by Jackie Mueller

Let’s face it – even though building a PC these days is much easier than it was just ten years ago, there are still technical, spatial and even ergonomic barriers that can present themselves.  This takes away from valuable game time, and no one wants that.

Corsair has “let the dogs out”, so to speak, with two new products aimed at making PC gaming more accessible in the living room. Meet the “Bulldog” gaming PC and it’s counterpart, the aptly named “Lapdog” control center!



Right now, the Bulldog PC comes as a DIY kit that includes the following:

  • Bulldog Chassis
  • Hydro Series H5 SF CPU Liquid Cooler
  • SF600 600-Watt 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  • Gigabyte Z170N-WiFi Motherboard

The goal here is to take high-end desktop parts and condense them into a machine that’s capable of tearing through all the latest games at 4K resolution.  Oh, and and it even supports VR!  The chassis can also accommodate liquid cooling for both the processor and graphics card, which plays a huge role in maximizing performance while keeping things quiet.

The caveat here is that in order to make this magic happen, additional components (such as a processor and video card) will need to be purchased.  

The Bulldog DIY kit can be had for $399, but if you’re not the DIY type, don’t worry. Completely assembled kits will be available soon according to Corsair’s website.

Okay, so lets say we’ve got this super awesome Bulldog PC in our living room, fully assembled.  How can we comfortably and effectively use a keyboard and mouse?

That’s where the Lapdog comes in. As many of us know, another dilemma that presents itself with couch PC gaming is positioning of the keyboard and mouse. I know I’ve done some creative things over the years to try and remedy this problem,  but usually I end up sitting uncomfortably with the keyboard on my lap and use a pillow as a mousepad. That’s far from an ideal setup.  


As you can see, the Lapdog provides a secure, spacious area for both a keyboard and mouse.  This beast weighs in at over five pounds, but on the underside is a thick memory foam lap cushion for added comfort. It’s similar in design to other lapdesks on the market, but this one is specifically designed for gaming.

The mouse area is a generous 11” x 11”, and it’s equipped with a long 16ft cable and powered USB 3.0 hub.  So if you’ve got headsets, game controllers, and smartphones to plug in, there’s no need to get off the couch – just plug them right into the Lapdog.  There’s even a compartment to neatly tuck away any extra cabling!

The Lapdog starts at a price of $119.99 and goes up from there if you want to bundle it with a Corsair K65 or K70 mechanical keyboard.  

Be sure to visit the Corsair website for more info on the new Bulldog and Lapdog!

Jackie Mueller

Jackie’s life changed forever when she got her first video game console, an Atari 2600. She has been gaming nonstop for three decades on both consoles and computers, and it inspired her to pursue a career in the IT field. When she’s not gaming, Jackie can usually be found shredding the trails on her mountain bike.

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