Kick and Fennick Now Available for Consoles

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Kick & Fennick

Kick & Fennick is a blast! (Literally, you will have to propel yourself around by blasting your gun.)

Abstraction Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have just released platformer game, Kick & Fennick for consoles.  Previously only accessible for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Plus members, it is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.  This interesting adventure game is centered on a boy named Kick and his robot friend, Fennick.  You will meet them when Kick seemingly crash lands in a strange place that is crumbling and swarming with evil robots.  Kick soon stumbles upon Fennick in an adorable scene where he notices that the robot’s energy source is broken.  These two innocent companions must help each other maneuver through a cracked and corrupt world, or risk their own demise.

Is Kick and Fennick worth a try?

Kick & Fennick

Heck yes.  Fans of platforming games will enjoy the slight strategy and puzzle elements.  Kick uses his weapon as a means to both shoot bad guys and jump to higher grounds; all the while he has to collect power nodes to energize Fennick and find ‘special gear’ for himself.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  Sometimes the ‘special gears’ are hidden very well.  Sometimes the power nodes are precariously placed in spots that are very difficult to get in-and-out of.  It can also take some finesse to navigate Kick to the right areas, as you are solely dependent on the recoil of his giant gun to become airborne.  I found myself  time and again getting stuck trying to get up to a ledge.  Using billiards-like strategies, it is possible albeit frustrating.  That being said, this game can be addicting.  At certain points I was thinking, “How can a cute game with a little blonde boy and flying robot outsmart me?”  So, just to prove myself, I played until I completed the level and felt a satisfying sense of redemption.

Other aspects to expect…

  • Great sounds and noises in an otherwise quiet game.  So far from what I’ve played, Kick doesn’t seem to verbally talk, but instead communicates through small grunts and sighs.  Fennick interacts with mechanical babble, which on the PS4, emit from the controller.
  • There are cinematic camera angles that highlight the impressive yet not over-done backdrops.  The graphics are simplistic, yet at the same time vivid.  Realistic visuals are not necessary in a game such as this.  The camera angels and views change in a way that suits the gameplay.
  • Tricky, very tricky.

Check out the launch of Kick & Fennick for consoles!  It’s available at a 30 percent discount off of its normal price of $14.99 for the next two weeks!  Are you game?

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