Ron Gilbert Teases More ‘Thimbleweed Park’ Details

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In case you haven’t heard, Maniac Mansion creators, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have been hard at work on a new game in the style of their classic point-and-click adventures of the 1980’s. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Thimbleweed Park is an homage to the “FBI agent in a really weird, small town” genre; including Twin Peaks, The X-Files and the works of Steven King.


The game’s official description says it all about what you can expect in the way of theme and humor:

Thimbleweed Park is the curious story of two washed up federal agents called in to investigate a dead body found in the river just outside of town, bloated and pixelated from a death come too soon.

Terrible Toybox, Ron Gilbert’s new game development studio based out of Seattle, has released the following new teaser for the game, which is scheduled to launch in early 2017:

Thimbleweed Park is the story of a town where a dead body is the least of your problems,” says Terrible Toybox. 

New User Interface

In true, point-and-click adventure style, players of Thimbleweed Park will control each of the five characters using a stalwart verb-based interface. 

But this isn’t a game made in the 1980s,” Terrible Toybox explained in their press release. “It’s a game designed to feel like one. Technology moves on and allows for small changes, yet still remaining true to our memories and the spirit of the games you played and loved in the 1980s.”

Thimbleweed Park Ron Gilbert game

“Sometimes little things matter,” says Terrible Toybox. “Like removing the black bar behind the verbs and tweaking the font. (Players who are purists can switch back to the Maniac Mansion-style UI if they prefer it!)”

Thimbleweed Park is scheduled for launch in early 2017 (pushed back from its original date) for Mac, Windows, Linux, XBox, iOS, Android and (they hope) more platforms in the future. For more information, you can visit the official website!

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