The Dope Game Review (PC)

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  • Gameplay and Controls
  • Story
  • Graphics and Music

The Dope Game by CoAguco Industries has brought the classic scientific calculator experience of buying and selling illicit substances on the street into 2016 for a new generation of virtual drug dealers!

Gameplay and Controls (4.5/5)

The gameplay consists of traveling around town buying and selling drugs with a few extra elements to consider: health, police, banking, weapons, posse members, and a loan that starts the game and must be paid back within a certain time period or otherwise dealt with. The number of different elements plus a certain amount of luck provides a nice challenge and a rewarding experience each time you figure out how to solve or prepare for each situation.

The game is turn-based where every time you move to a new location a day passes. The game starts with only the 15 day mode and as you complete each mode you unlock up to 360 days. Everything is point and click and entering numbers which all works perfectly. The only improvement on that front might be to have a slider option instead of typing in amounts so that the game may be played entirely with a mouse or touch screen.


Every location has an inventory of available drugs and their current value.

Story (4/5)

The dope game puts you in the city of Starkham where crime is a way of life and you want nothing more than to make enough money to escape the hell on earth that is populated by the worst of humanity. There are a number of different scenarios and game endings that keep things entertaining on repeated plays, although once you get up to 90+ turns the text becomes repetitive. Nonetheless, for $1.99 there are plenty of laughs, thought-provoking downers, and twists of fate.


You travel between 8 ares of the city where the price and availability of drugs fluctuates each day.

Graphics and Music (3/5)

The graphics are pretty crude but each character and location (though depicted by a single drawing each) has a definite personality that fits the story. Similarly, the music doesn’t have much variety. However, since this game is all about the numbers and the sound doesn’t help or hinder your success, it’s best played casually on mute while watching TV.


Although you can hire up to five members to join your posse you never actually see any of them on screen. Its up to you to imagine the likes of Mean Jeebus and Sith Lord Jose!

Overall (4/5)

There are many ways you can play The Dope Game and much like the products within the game it invites experimentation. Will your focus be on making the most profit? Will you resort to violence? Maybe you’ll just wander around town listening to stories from the old lady on the bus? It’s all up to you!

The Dope Game is available now on Steam and, find out more on CoAguco’s website!

Don’t do drugs!

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