POWERS Season 2: Episode 5 Review

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POWERS fans were treated to a brand-new episode yesterday, and boy does the plot thicken!

*Disclaimer: as of this posting, I have not read the graphic novel or comics for which POWERS is based upon. Therefore, my observations and opinions do not include how the show compares to its source material, but as a stand-alone TV program. If you have read the comics and have insight to share, feel free to comment!


Powers- Season 2- Episode 205

POWERS Season 2, Episode 5: “Shaking The Tree”


  • What? Politicians lie?!
  • What? The Government keeps secrets?!
  • Uh…SuperShock isn’t all there
  • Conrad Moody III is (mostly) all there but in his own, special way
  • Retro Girl’s murder goes deeper than anyone imagined
  • Zora learns a lesson in equality
  • A moment every cop drama needs to have

Politicians and sex scandals go together like gamers and video games, so guess what – this episode starts with a sex tape of Senator Brown and a dominatrix dressed as Retro Girl. His anti-powers movement destroyed and reporters all over that shizz like white on rice, the Senator goes into hiding. Supershock watches the scandal unfold on his retro TV and ponders the situation. It’s snowing outside his window, which means he doesn’t live in Los Angeles. Is Patrick watching from his own “fortress of solitude?”

Special Agent Angela “Lynx” Lang refuses to keep the Retro Girl case open, but accidentally admits that she knows Heavy was responsible. She’s scared, but of who? The FBI recruited her out of prison, so they could have a lot hanging over her head. Good old Schlag throws Walker a bone when an expert takes a closer look at the “rock” they found in Janice’s death grip. Turns out it was plastic that was crushed with such force that it’s completely unrecognizable…for now. Schlag doesn’t say more than a grunt here and there, so his sending the info to Walker tells us that he wants the truth to come out. Schlag is also protective of Lang, who is so stressed that at one point that her eyes transform. Someone tries to kill Walker, but Lang insists it wasn’t her. Although she obviously knows something…

The Senator’s sex tape was filmed without his knowledge in ta-daaa, the sex den from Episode 2 which is run by ta-daa, The Lance. (Remember, THX was his right-hand man.) Oh, Lance, the cocky SOB who strolled into Powers Division gets a little visit from our favorite detectives. Turns out he’s an informant for the FBI so under threat of being outed as a snitch, Lancy-boy turns over some info. Walker and Pilgrim keep digging, only to find out that Heavy was recruited by the FBI as part of a special powers task force. And who recruited him? Senator Brown.

In a fitting twist, Walker turns to cut-throat reporter, Nicole Glantz and outs the FBI on-camera. He identifies Heavy as the main person of interest in the case, then abruptly ends the interview. As punishment, Agent Lang has Pilgrim’s dad arrested for corruption. Pilgrim turns in her badge and visits her dad at the court house, only to find that he won’t face up to his actions. Walker strolls into Powers Division and is applauded by his co-workers. In a scene that belongs in every good cop drama, he surrenders his badge and gun without a word.

The former super-hero-turned-politician shows up at Walker’s place, scared for his life. He rambles a bit about Heavy, but Walker can’t get a lot of info out of him. Pilgrim’s dad tries to warn her to get out of Powers Division again, and we get the idea that he knows something important to the case.

Harley, aka Triphammer recruits Zora but she and Sgt. Martinez don’t get along at first. Zora doesn’t think a non-power can be powerful, but he soon proves her wrong, and sparring sessions bring them closer.

Powers- Season 2- Episode 205

Will Whaton as Conrad Moody III, a man who worships Retro Girl in his own way.

Calista gets a feel for what it’s like to be a super star, including a full-body scan for her action figure. Conrad Moody treats her like a queen; even giving her a high-rise apartment. Growing up poor, Calista takes new-found glorification without question. When she beats Conrad at Street Fighter V, he explains that her powers come with additional control in everything she does. He adores her, perhaps a little too much and is later seen dancing with a hologram of her action figure.

SuperShock appears on “Retro Girl’s rooftop,” and again acts as if he knows Calista. The thing is, he keeps talking about the past and calling her Janice. Calista plays along with the hope that he will join forces, but he takes off into the sky, as super heroes do. He does show up at Senator Brown’s house, however, and is waiting for him when this disgraced, former hero sneaks in. Brown breaks down and pulls an envelope from his wall safe. He mentions some sort of “agreement” to let Retro Girl take charge, but resents it. SuperShock acts like everything is okay and takes his leave. In the end, Senator Brown’s head is “crushed like a grape” and a man’s hand takes the mysterious envelope from his hand. Was it SuperShock?


Retro Girl meant something to everyone, especially those who knew her best. For Calista, she was a beacon of hope in the form of her mother. Conrad idolizes her ideal, and the profits from her toys. Senator Brown resented her for being in charge, yet secretly held a fetish for her domination. SuperShock loved her and so did Walker, so they are both getting to the truth in the ways they know best.

I love the fear behind Agent Lang’s cat eyes. She obviously fears something or someone, and can’t bring herself to betray the FBI. “I’m a Government asset,” she declares. Schlag is loyal to Lang. Perhaps he hopes the truth will set her free, and that’s why he sent the “rock” analyst to Walker. I really want to learn more about his character!

Pilgrim continues to shield herself from Kutter, despite the fact that they are still sleeping together. Does she have intimacy issues? When her father asks her to pull favors to get him off the hook, she abandons him to his fate.

There was a great pace to this episode, cutting in between A, B and C stories in a really conducive way. Bravo to the editor! I loved the twists and turns! I still think that sex den scene from Episode 2 could have been done more tastefully, but at least it was linked to The Lance. I enjoyed his huge, transvestite bouncers in this episode, they were freakin’ awesome.

Overall, great use of subplot, editing and some really great acting performances. Good episode and I can’t wait until next Tuesday!

POWERS is available now on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada. All episodes are free for PS Plus Members.

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