Pop Culture Classroom Fights Illiteracy With Self-Expression

Posted on by HB Duran


Pop Culture Classroom is a non-profit organization that promotes literacy and self-expression in the classroom, under-served schools and even prisons. Denver Comic Con is their baby, and all proceeds from the Con go towards this amazing cause.

Illya Kowalchuk, Pop Culture Classroom’s Director of Education, gave us some insight into how the program has evolved since its inception just a few years ago, how Denver Comic Con brings everyone together, and new outreach programs to help those in need.

9,000 sq. ft. of convention floor was dedicated to the Pop Culture Laboratory, engaging kids in S.T.E.A.M. educational activities, offering information about PCC programs and highlighting the work of both students and graduates. This huge section of the Con was devoted to educational, youth-based programming and fun activities for younger attendees and their families. Every year, creative professionals work directly with the children, offering a range of entertainment from art lessons to story time with William Shatner.

This year, Pop Culture Classroom unveiled a pilot program for designing tabletop games called Game On! The new curriculum involves the game creation process, playtesting and exploring new ideas for gameplay.

To learn more about Pop Culture Classroom and to get involved, please visit their official website!
HB Duran

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