Denver Comic Con: Bolder Games On Women in Game Development

Posted on by HB Duran

Bolder Games, based out of Boulder, Colorado is a fresh, young company full of big dreams and fun games. Together with the Art Institute, Bolder Games spoke on a panel at Denver Comic Con about women in game design and how important it is to include them in our growing industry.

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We met with with Bolder Games Producer, Devin Edgerton, who explains why their indie game studio has taken such an interest in the message of “more women in game development.”

Founded in 2012, this small team of indie developers are serious about including women in their industry, but also making great games.

When we think we’ve landed on a really great idea for a game, we think on it and rethink it,” the studio says on its official website, “Sometimes scrapping it entirely or reworking it until it’s a shadow of its initial self—until it’s smarter, better, bolder and more fun than we ever thought it could be. Our litmus test is simple: with all the amazing games out there, would we actually play this one if no one were looking? If the answers isn’t a resounding ‘hell yes,’ it’s back to more hard work, late nights, and lukewarm takeout.”

To find out more about Bolder Games, visit their official website and keep it here as we review Roboshark Rampage just in time for Shark Week!
HB Duran

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