Denver Comic Con Cosplay Spotlight!

Posted on by Katie Pierson

When it comes to cosplay, there’s no better place to find it than at Denver Comic Con! This year, the costumes were out in full force, representing fans from comic books, video games, movies, television and more. Among the masses of Dr.Who’s, Harley Quinn’s and Deadpool’s, we came across some really great cosplay to share.

BB-8 cosplay

Princess BB-8 was the belle of the ball!

One of the best parts of any Con is people-watching! This year, some of the most popular cosplay included Game of ThronesSuicide Squad Harley Quinn and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Every ticket to Denver Comic Con benefits Pop Culture Classroom, a Colorado non-profit that provides literacy outreach through the use of comics, games and more. For tickets, promotions and to support this awesome organization, please visit their website!

Katie Pierson

Katie is a longtime PC gamer who dabbles in consoles with PS3 games and being a Wii fit addict during the winter months. Her favorite pastimes are playing RPG games, especially those with a triptych tank/damage/healer in large group formats since she thrives on healing. Katie also enjoys puzzle games and games with a great story-line or a kitschy twist that will hold her attention for hours.

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