DenHac Brings Co-Operative Game To Denver Comic Con 2016

Posted on by Katie Pierson

DenHac is a non-profit Hackerspace founded in 2008 to give Denver people a place to learn, socialize or work on tech projects with friends and associates. Members get the benefit of 24 hour access to the space, access to shared equipment, the ability to provide input on future classes and events, and lockers to store ongoing projects. Membership is $50 a month.

This year DenHac brought a teamwork-based game to Denver Comic Con called Artemis Starship Battle Simulator. During this space-themed challenge, each team member has a different duty to make the ship fight a battle. One is the Captain, one is navigator, one mans the guns and so on to create a complete team for one ship.



The game players had to work together and have flawless communication before they could even move the ship, let alone try and defeat the enemy. The communication was great from the Comic Con attendees who were playing the game as they listened intently as each other and they all seemed to be taking the mission seriously.

20160619_123248Artemis Starship Battle Simulator focused intensely on teamwork. As challenging as it was, the game could be good practice for team work in general. During this year’s E3 press conference, Ubisoft announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew—a co-operative, virtual reality game for up to five players. Much like DenHac’s space mission, players must verbally communicate and work together to run the ship and emerge victorious in battle.

In addition to the battle simulator, DenHac also brought a table of locks and lockpicks for everyone to try their rogue skills in real-life.

How do you think you would have managed working with a group of strangers in a team setting like DenHac’s setup? To find out more about DenHac, you can visit their official website!

Katie Pierson

Katie is a longtime PC gamer who dabbles in consoles with PS3 games and being a Wii fit addict during the winter months. Her favorite pastimes are playing RPG games, especially those with a triptych tank/damage/healer in large group formats since she thrives on healing. Katie also enjoys puzzle games and games with a great story-line or a kitschy twist that will hold her attention for hours.

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